Eminent Monsters



stephen bennett


John archer

Executive producers:

Clara glynn

david harron

mark thomas

production manager:

hannah truswell

Narrated by:



‘Do No Harm’ is an abiding principal of psychiatry. It is abandoned time after time in this shocking, utterly compelling exploration of the profession’s collusion with state sponsored torture over the past 70 years. With testimony from senior American psychologists, military personnel and key whistleblowers, director Stephen Bennett shines fresh light upon claims of collusion between doctors and the state and lays bare the legacy of pain left behind by Cameron. From the establishment of a mind control laboratory in Montreal and the humiliation and terror of Guantanamo, to the “Hooded Men” of Belfast seeking justice and reparation at the European Court of Human Rights, Eminent Monsters: A Manual For Modern Torture is an urgent call to the international community to right the wrongs of the past and protect us from a dangerous future.