BBC Storyville screens Accidental Anarchist

Look out for Accidental Anarchist on the small screen on Sunday 23rd July, BBC4 Storyville, 21:50. 

Find out how a high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser lost his faith in western democracy and is exploring a new way in this Guardian interview. 

UK Premiere: Accidental Anarchist at Sheffield

Accidental Anarchist is having its UK premiere at Sheffield doc fest on June 13th at 12pm. After 14 years at the highest levels of the British Foreign Service, Carne Ross resigned over his country's lies about the Iraq war. He embarked on an extraordinary search for new forms of social and political organisation in America, Europe and, most remarkably, Syria. An inspiring journey into the possibilities of a better society.

For more information and tickets see Sheffield Doc/Fest website.

Brian Cox's Russia

Hopscotch is excited to announce our new 2 part documentary Brian Cox's Russia! Catch it on BBC2 Scotland Tuesday 18th and 25th April. 

Directed by Stephen Bennett 

Marking a hundred years since the Russian revolution, Hollywood actor Brian Cox travels to Russia to discover stories of Scots who made this vast country their own. 

Brian first spent time in Russia during the communist era. Brian taught theatre students at Moscow Arts Theatre for a scheme called Raising the Curtain. His time there gave Brian a life long passion for the country and now he travels back to meet the students and see the dramatic changes. 

Brian revisits the turbulent times of Russian history including the 1917 revolution, the Stalinist purges and the siege of Leningrad which created surprising bonds between our two countries. 

The series also covers three hundred years of shared history between Russia and Scotland, from the mercenary who helped shape Peter the Great's army, to the Scottish industrialist who introduced football to St Petersburg. It also celebrates the poetry of Lermontov and his 'Yearning' for the Scottish Highlands as well as the Russian passion for Robert Burns. 

Watch the trailer here