The Winner is...

Congratulations to Hopscotch Horror winner Gaby Hull!

Gaby's script 'The 57' stood out for its great character, constantly building tension and its originality. Another sign of a great script- once we started reading, we couldn't put it down!

Gaby receives the £1000 prize and an option for Hopscotch Films to develop The 57 for production.


A big thank you to all the writers, including short listed writers Jade Alexander and John Bale, for their time and enthusiasm. As we know there is never a perfect formula for creating original dramas, and sometimes good stories can be passed over for seemingly arbitrary reasons 'it just doesn't fit' or 'it's good but I'm just not crazy for it'. The best scripts, however, always had one thing in common: great characters. If you care about the main character on the first page, you will go through hell and back for them over the next 90 minutes. 

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to offer feedback to individual writers, but hopefully having come this far, the writers who love their stories will continue to develop them and find good fortune elsewhere.

Hopscotch looks forward to working with Mr. Hull and keeping you updated on the project!