The Story of Film DVD launch

The Story of Film has been released as a five disc set by Network and Mark's been busy touring the country to enthusiastic acclaim.

It's not just the cinema goers who have been salivating at taking The Story of Film home with them, below is a selection of recent mentions in the press:

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Time Out *****

Geniuenly democratic, honest in its broad perspective, and unusually technically aware, this is the definitive history of cinema's first century and a bit. - Andrew Lowry

Metro *****

Cousins delivers so much information and shows so many of the parallels and influences that pervade this self-referential art form that you're left itching to revisit the classics and discover the surprising gems he's highlighted.

Word Magazine

This Superb piece of work concludes that "the future of cinema is in provacative hands". And with brilliant, passionate archivists like Cousins working in the field, we may also surmise that the future of film criticism is too. - Ali Catterall