Scotsman preview Alasdair Gray: A Life in Progress

The Kelvingrove has announced its plans to exhibit a retrospective of Alasdair Gray's work, marking the artist's 80th birthday next year.

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Meanwhile Brian Fergusson has commended Kevin Cameron's film Life in Progress in the Scotsman...

"If I needed any further convincing about my new-found affection for documentaries, I found it at the CCA in Glasgow when BAFTA hosted a screening of a recently completed documentary about Alasdair Gray.

Kevin Cameron has spent well over a decade with Glasgow’s best-known artist – and has produced a remarkable profile of him at work on some of his best-known murals in the city, as well as tracing his hugely varied career from his days studying at art school.

Many of Gray’s supporters feel he was unfairly maligned after the publication of his “settlers and colonists” essay last December.

The film, A Life in Progress, should help to redress the balance if and when it is released, thanks to the insight it offers into Gray’s entertaining, complex and quirky characteristics, as well as the contributions from the likes of Ian Rankin and Liz Lochhead. It is no exaggeration to say it could completely redefine how Gray is perceived as he prepares to turn 80 next year."

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