Showland- a community responds

Showland: Behind the Scenes at the Fair broadcast last night to a positive reaction.

The Herald led their arts and entertainment page with "Showland, where a proud way of life is dying."

"Narrated by Mitch Miller who was raised amongst the colourful caravans, trucks and stalls of the shows, he opted not to follow in his father's footsteps and forged a career as an artist instead. He has now made this poignant documentary to look back at the culture of the 'showmen' because, as the programme makes clear, their traditional way of life is under threat. The glitter, imagination and hard work which creates the Scottish fairground experience is being stamped out by petty bureaucracy and big business." 

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Mitch Miller responded with his own thanks to the community on facebook. It's a reminder that when it comes to minority communities and the media there is a big responsibility.

"Well, it's been on...and the comments have all been very kind. And the ones I was worried about the most -those from showmen and women - have been the kindest. That means more than you can imagine; making your way in the wide world is all very well, but doing something your own can appreciate really matters. It was a privilege and an honour to be a part of it."

Here's a few (anonymised) samples of the community's reaction.

"You have really brought out the strength of spirit of the families and I see it in us settlers too!‪ #‎proudhistory‬. Some great cameos to be spotted as well as the familiar faces and most of all, a great documentary."
"I loved the documentary, it was beautifully made and it was really great getting to see all of my families videos being used. I watched it with my grandparents/parents and brother. We all either laughed or cried at one point or another. It was very sentimental and personal and managed to show our community for how we really are! "
"It was brilliant to see a lot of old video clips & well spoken about funfair life, I feel so proud being a showman"
"Well done from a balanced viewpoint. Hopefully a hard but individual way of life doesn't disappear helped by Scottish red tape and Jobsworth hats!"
"Well done .The documentary was just what Showmen need to set the public right on who we are and where we come from and what we're all about . Nice to see a few old faces ."
Watch Showland: Behind the Scenes at the Fair on the BBC iplayer here