Bothy Life in the Daily Record

Star of new BBC documentary about bothies won't get to see it.. because she doesn't have a telly

IONA SCOBIE often stays in bothies when moving horses between her parents' farms and features in BBC Two show Bothy Life, even although she doesn't have TV to watch it on.

She said: “Every bothy is different – some have beds but I’ve slept on a cobbled floor in one. I’ve slept on peat stacks and met different people in them. They’re fantastic – you really appreciate them.

“We’re travelling in the snow sometimes and it’s not easy and you really feel the weather and just by having somewhere warm and dry to go for the night is fantastic.”

Sometimes she’s lost horses while asleep in a bothy as they’ve wandered off and she’s had to find them the next morning.

“Some nights I have to pop my head out every couple of hours to check on the horses,” Iona recalled. “I’ve had them disappear for miles when they’ve wandered home and I’m left in the middle of nowhere with a big saddle.

“I’ve had to walk to find them and ride them back bareback to pick up the saddle again.”

But she loves her life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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