Music, Murals and Mr Gray- Special screening of A Life in Progress

Featuring a Q and A with Alasdair Gray, a one off event at the Oran Mor will see the screening of “Alasdair Gray, A Life in Progress” as it starts a mini tour of Scottish cinemas. Live music of the soundtrack, recently released on Fence collective off shoot, De-Fence records, will be performed by Scott Twynoholm and friends.

There is also the opportunity to see an excerpt from the first film to ever feature Alasdair; 1964’s “Under the Helmet”.

Alasdair Gray, A Life in Progress, as well as documenting the painting of the main auditorium, where the screening of the film will take place, allows an intimate insight into Alasdair’s remarkable life and his impact on Scottish culture. It is a film by turns funny and incisive, reputed by Sight and Sound critic Thirza Wakefield, to contain one of the funniest scenes on film from 2014, and considered by the Scotsman to be a “remakable is not exaggeration to say it could completely redefine how Gray is perceived”.

Early booking is advised due to limited tickets.