Iconic Glasgow photographer on BBC2

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Famous for his photograph dubbed The Castlemilk Lads in 1963, Oscar Marzaroli took some of the most iconic images of Glasgow. This new documentary explores the life of the photographer and revisits a few of his subjects. Man With A Camera is broadcasting Tuesday 1st April 22:00 BBC2 Scotland. 

Paris had Cartier-Bresson, New York - Diane Arbus and Glasgow - Oscar Marzaroli. Man with a Camera celebrates the life and work of Glasgow's pre-eminent photographer, using some of the 50,000 shots taken over thirty years - a moving portrait of a love affair between a man and his city, and the affection in which he is held today.

Marzaroli's black-and-white photographs have become synonymous with a post-war Scotland in the throes of regeneration. They captured both the aspects of the old, such as the rag-and-bone man in the Gorbals or the cockle gatherers of Barra, and the paraphernalia of the new - cranes, towers and construction at Glasgow's Charing Cross.

As Glasgow's landscape changes once again and the high-rises that Marzaroli documented going up are gradually being razed to the ground, this film celebrates Marzaroli's remarkable photographic legacy.

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Alex sing yer heart out!

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Here's Alex Norton having a wee sing song in the famous Britannia Panopticon. He's following the footsteps of many a Scots actor who started their career in the music halls before making it onto the silver screen. Director John MacLaverty filmed Alex singing 'Cead Mile Failte' during a break from shooting Dream Me Up Scotty: The Scottish Accent on Screen. The documentary will screen on BBC1 Scotland on December 23rd at 9pm so make sure to tune in!

Scotsman preview Alasdair Gray: A Life in Progress

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The Kelvingrove has announced its plans to exhibit a retrospective of Alasdair Gray's work, marking the artist's 80th birthday next year.

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Meanwhile Brian Fergusson has commended Kevin Cameron's film Life in Progress in the Scotsman...

"If I needed any further convincing about my new-found affection for documentaries, I found it at the CCA in Glasgow when BAFTA hosted a screening of a recently completed documentary about Alasdair Gray.

Kevin Cameron has spent well over a decade with Glasgow’s best-known artist – and has produced a remarkable profile of him at work on some of his best-known murals in the city, as well as tracing his hugely varied career from his days studying at art school.

Many of Gray’s supporters feel he was unfairly maligned after the publication of his “settlers and colonists” essay last December.

The film, A Life in Progress, should help to redress the balance if and when it is released, thanks to the insight it offers into Gray’s entertaining, complex and quirky characteristics, as well as the contributions from the likes of Ian Rankin and Liz Lochhead. It is no exaggeration to say it could completely redefine how Gray is perceived as he prepares to turn 80 next year."

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Hagar by Clara Glynn and Sally Beamish

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In celebration of Benjamin Britten’s centenary year, Nova Music Opera present an intriguing operatic double-bill exploring the themes of loss, redemption and forgiveness.

The Old Testament story of Hagar and Abraham is vividly brought to life by multi award-winning composer Sally Beamish and librettist Clara Glynn in their new chamber opera, Hagar in the Wilderness. The opera’s uncomfortable account of social injustice is particularly pertinent in society today and in many ways echoes similar sentiments conveyed in Curlew River.

It will be performed on Wednesday 21 August, 7.45pm at St Andrew’s Church, Presteigne (details)

Have a look at what Clara and Sally had to say on the project

Hagar Interview from Presteigne Festival, UK on Vimeo.


Sheffield Documentary Festival 2013

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John Archer will be travelling to Sheffield this week, along with director Iain Scollay, where they have the pleasure of pitching Accidental Birth of an Anarchist at the BFI Film fund meet. Go along on Saturday 15th June and give them your support! (check the website for further details.)

Based on his book The Leaderless Revolution, the documentary follows former diplomat Carne Ross, as he rebels against the system to support the Occupy movement. Watch this exclusive trailer...


Accidental Birth of an Anarchist from John Archer on Vimeo.