Alex Norton

Glottal stops and rolling Rs, a masterclass in the Scottish accent

A wee preview of our upcoming documentary on the Scottish accent on screen. Alex Norton joins an actors' class in London as they prepare to master the Scottish accent. 

Dream Me Up Scotty: The Scottish Accent on Screen broadcasts on Monday 23rd December 9pm. See the BBC website for more details. 

Alex sing yer heart out!

Here's Alex Norton having a wee sing song in the famous Britannia Panopticon. He's following the footsteps of many a Scots actor who started their career in the music halls before making it onto the silver screen. Director John MacLaverty filmed Alex singing 'Cead Mile Failte' during a break from shooting Dream Me Up Scotty: The Scottish Accent on Screen. The documentary will screen on BBC1 Scotland on December 23rd at 9pm so make sure to tune in!