The Story of Film: An Odyssey


An epic 15 hour film about the history of innovation in the movies. Made over six years on four continents, covering eleven decades and a thousand films.

Epic... a global vision of cinema. Ian Christie, Sight and Sound

Audacious... a treat for movie lovers. Toronto Film Festival

A brilliant and monumental achievement. Roger Graef

A landmark in thinking and talking about cinema. Jonathan Coe

The Story of Film shows that innovation is at the heart of movie history. This series is about the pioneers, the people who really loved film, brought it alive and used it in new ways. The questions it asks are: who, at any time, were the most dynamic filmmakers on the planet? What sort of films were they making? How did they drive movies forward? Each section of the story is filmed in a different country, an atmospheric reminder that movies are about the real world.

Movies can't change the world or feed a nation but for over a century now people have flocked to films, to see their dreams, their fears, their sexuality and that of others on screen. The movies at the heart of this story have helped shape how we feel, love, look and hope.

Based on the internationally acclaimed best-seller The Story of Film by Mark Cousins

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Written and directed by Mark Cousins

Producer: John Archer