Charlotte Wontner

Road Race (2005)

The film explores the transitory nature of this underground sport and its relationship to contemporary car culture, the traditions of gypsies and their relationship with horses. The race involve a group of travellers in a rolling roadblock on motorways and dual-carriage, while two trotting horses, with sulkies and riders, run a very fast race lasting a couple of minutes on the road. Bets have been placed, large sums of money exchange hands, travellers come from miles around, the police turn a blind eye.

Director: Clio Barnard

Producer: Charlotte Wontner

It's Not You it's Me (2001)

A twenty minute romantic comedy for the BBC. Screened in the Dresden, Istanbul and Los Angeles film festivals, it was a runner-up for the Turner Classic Movie Award at the London Film Festival, commended at the Bristol Short Film Festival and was short-listed for a BAFTA.

Director Clara Glynn

Writer Tony Basgallop

Producer Charlotte Wontner