Iboga Nights

iboga night sid.jpg

David Graham Scott returns to the drug that saved his life- is ibogaine really a wonder drug?

Ibogaine is an extract from a plant root that hails from Africa. A burgeoning movement in the west has promoted iboga as a quick fix route to painless withdrawal for drug addicts. David successfully treated his own methadone addiction ten years ago, and now he wants to find out how effective the treatment is for others. 

In a Dutch suburb several addicts embark on the long night of psychedelic detox under the watchful eye of an experienced iboga practitioner. One client collapses and ends up on a life-support, the provider is jailed and David starts to question the safety of iboga treatment. 

David follows several addicts, gaining a personal understanding of their world and how their lives hang in the balance. Will iboga work its miracles?

Directed by David Graham Scott

Produced by John Archer

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