Enlighten Up!

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Do you exist? If you do, do you know who you are? If so, can you be sure you really know anything?! Robert Florence and Iain Connell have some burning questions for you that will change the way you see the world.  Through their unique brand of absurd comedy, Florence and Connell teach viewers just what it takes to think philosophically. This 30-minute special unlocks the big questions through mind-bending sketches and animations, using real world examples and contemporary culture.

For the answers we look 300 years ago to a group of upstart Scots. They came up with some crazy ideas- and changed the way we think about everything from happiness to what makes you, you! Florence and Connell tackle a big philosophical question in each sketch using the theories of the Scottish Enlightenment. 

Broadcast on BBC1 Scotland, and BBC Learning.

Clips online at here.